Friday, June 22, 2018

AAPL Membership Benefits

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How Do Private Mortgage Lenders Compare to Conventional Lenders?

dward James Stock, Jr., holds more than two decades of experience in the real estate lending industry. A member of the American Association of Private Lenders, Edward J. Stock has served as the managing partner of Insula Capital Group since 2016.

Insula Capital Group, based in New York, is known for its lighting-fast loan turnaround times. While the firm focuses most heavily on fix and flip real estate projects, it also offers long-term financing solutions. 

As a private money lender, Insula differs from conventional lenders in several ways. One important distinction is that private lenders do not sell their loans on the secondary market, whereas conventional lenders underwrite their loans based on third-party requirements in order to do so. Most often, conventional loans are underwritten according to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac guidelines. 

Private lenders also typically offer shorter loan lengths than conventional loans, and focus more heavily on the profitability of the real estate project itself, than on the borrower. Private lenders often have higher interest rates on loans, since borrowers with less-than-ideal credit are able to qualify. However, borrowers who tap into private lending sources typically enjoy a faster loan approval process, as opposed to long, drawn-out approvals common with conventional financing.

Monday, April 9, 2018

AAPL Code of Ethics

Edward James Stock Jr. manages Insula Capital Group in Farmingville, New York, overseeing the structure of short-term bridge loans. Like many in his field, Edward James Stock Jr. is part of the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL), which advocates for private lenders in the real estate industry.

One key aspect of the AAPL which all members must uphold is the organization's code of ethics, which sets forth rules of conduct for real estate private lenders. The AAPL's mandatory code of ethics dictates that all members follow all laws related to lending, fundraising, and loan servicing. They also require that organizations be honest and forthright in all dealings, and avoid discrimination based on age, sex, sexual orientation, race, or religion.

Members are also prohibited from engaging in various predatory loan practices. So-called bait and switch loans, in which terms are changed from the initial proposition without just cause, are prohibited, as are loans originated with the intent to see the recipient fail.

Members who adhere to all of these requirements may display AAPL trademarks to show their adherence. These agreements can be revoked if the member is found to have acted in bad faith.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The 2018 AAPL Annual Conference

A longtime Greater New York City resident, Edward James Stock Jr. leverages two decades of residential and commercial financing experience to serve as Managing Partner of Insula Capital Group, a direct money lender located in Farmingville, New York. Edward James Stock Jr. has guided Insula for the last three years. In addition to his work at Insula, Edward J. Stock holds membership with the American Association of Private Lenders (AAPL).

A professional membership organization, the AAPL advocates for the interests of the private real estate and peer to peer lending industry. Founded in 2009, the organization also works to foster better business practices and professional growth among its members through educational resources, webinars, and events.

One such event is the AAPL Annual Conference. Among the largest events of its kind, the AAPL Conference provides a platform for lending professionals to stay current in industry innovations and learn from experts. In addition to hosting classroom-style educational courses and expert speakers, the event offers professional designation training for the Certified Private Lender Associate and Certified Fund Manager credentials. Moreover, networking activities include a VIP reception, networking mixers, and speed networking events.

The 2018 event is planned for November 4-6 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.